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New CD- Walk With Me

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Upcoming Tour Dates for 2020

Feb.4-15   Mission Texas
April 19     Little Falls 1-4 PM...(LaVerne's Travel Promotion)
July 12      Freeport Church Festival....9:00 am  Polka Mass
July 26      Little Falls, Our Lady of Lourdes church festival..8:30 & 10;30 AM Polka Mass
August 30  St. Francis Church Festival...10:00 am Polka Mass...aft.12-2:30 pm
Sept.6       St Rose Church Festival....10:00 am Polka Mass...aft. 12-2:30 pm
Sept.7       St. Stephen....2:00 - 7:00 pm
Sept.20     Kimball, St. Ann's Catholic Church....9:00 am Polka Mass
Oct.18      Lastrup....10:45 am....Memorial Polka Mass